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How do I book my One Ascesion TechniqueTM?

You do not have to be local to experience the One Ascencion TechniqueTM with me. This Technique can be done remotely as you lay in the comfort of your own space. We will begin your Spiritual Assesment via phone or FaceTime. After your assessment you will receive you OATTM. You may also have this technique done in person if you are in the Southern California area.     

How do I book my Crystal Healing Session?

Crystal Healing Sessions can be done both remotely and in person. If you are local you can experience an in person session with me on Saturdays  at Sage Goddess, 3830 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance  CA. See Calendar below for available dates. Sundays at Sage Goddess I am available by appointment only.

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*Saturday appointments available at Sage Goddess for Crystal Healing sessions. Please contact me directly by phone for these in person services (951) 764-8699

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* Saturdays appointments are at Sage Goddess in Torrance. See map below for location.


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