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What is Crystal Healing?

During a Crystal Healing Session, I work with your body's energy centers to assist you in releasing and healing those things that no longer serve you at this time. It is an important step in our spiritual ascension that we do not carry all of those experiences with us through out our life. When we hang on to the things that are no longer needed, we do not have room for new things to emerge, for new gifts or new lessons and we can continue on a loop until we recognize that these things need to be revealed and healed.

What are things that I can expect to heal or release in a session?

A Crystal Healing Session is different for everyone. My role is to assist you in your healing process. I am a conduit for the flow of healing energy and hold a safe space for you to open up and fully release. Only that which aligns with your free will can be orchestrated during our sessions. If you are not ready or willing to move on from something, I can not

make this happen for you or anything that is against your free will.  

We will begin our initial session with a Q&A that prompts you to think about what may be effecting you at this time in your life. This is where we begin the healing process. Everything is energy and as you think and speak about these things in your life, past and present, you are bringing forth and recognizing those things which are holding you back, making you aware of the underlying factors effecting you at this time. Once you see these things from a different perspective, you are then able to release and heal them if it is your wish to do so.

Once you have a clearer vision of yourself we can set an intention for your session and begin to work with the crystals.

The session takes place with you fully clothed, resting comfortably on your back. The crystals and I work with your seven main chakras, removing blockages and returning your energy centers back to their proper vibrational frequency,  which in turn does the same for your energy field.

Why does my energy field need healing?

We are Spiritual Beings here having a human experience. We are not pure crystaline structures so we need to work through our experiences in a mindful manner. When we chose to hold back our emotions and our voice, or have a lack of self nurturing, we create blockages in our energy centers that can manifest both emotionaly and physicaly if we do not work at correcting them. 

We are all capable of self healing. Some of us just need some guidance to begin this journey. That is why I am here. I am here to assist you into becoming your true powerful self. 

Are you ready?

Crystal Healing Services

Initial Consult $65*

This session will begin with our Q&A and then moves into a relaxing session with the crystals working with your bodies energy centers. Complete time of our session, approx. 60 minutes

*All new clients begin their journey here.

30 Minute assessment $30

Are you looking for guidance but not sure what it is you may need at this time? Then this is the perfect place for you to begin.  Each session/assesment is done over the phone, by Face Time or Zoom.

30 Minute Session $45

30 minute Crystal Healing Session.

Usually good for a quick tune up.

45 Minute Session $60

During this session we can focus on a partiular issue that you are dealing with or stubborn blockages that need addressing.

90 Minute Session $120

This session is done at my inhome office. This session includes Spiritual guidance/assesment and a 60 minute Crystal session. In this session I incorporate color therapy as well guided meditations. Each session is tailored for each individual.

60 Minute Session $80

This 60 minute session is more indepth and gives us time to dig through layers of issues that need to be addressed, or brought to the surface.

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