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What is the One Energy TechniqueTM?

I have often found myself over the years since I had my OET, struggling with the words to describe this technique to others.

Over the course of time I have worked and built my relationship with One and feel I finally have found a way to express to you how this technique can change your life.

One Energy TechniqueTM 

What is the One Energy TechniqueTM?

The One Energy TechniqueTM, assists each client in the ascension and awakening process. The understanding is

that ascension doesn’t occur by leaving the physical body, but by being FULLY present, aware and awakened IN the body.

During a session the 7 Chakras, or energy centers in the body, are given specific energetic encoding and activation, all bodies on all levels start to ascend (physical and energetic).

Awakening is the release of old, outdated paradigms, deeper connections and understandings will occur. Energetic blocks such as self-limiting views and teachings begin to dissolve.

People who have The One Energy TechniqueTM begin to awaken to their Truth and Highest Being. They are deeply connected and aware that we are all ONE, Infinite and Divine!

How is the One Energy TechniqueTM received?

One Energy TechniqueTM can be done in person or remotely where I will tap into your energetic field.

There are seven main areas that will be focused on. These areas are most commonly called the 7 Chakras, 7 Energy Wheels of Life or 7 Energetic Wheels. We have many more chakras in our bodies as well as energetic bodies. Other chakras that will be focused on are the hands, feet, Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.

The time it takes to receive the Technique varies depending on the individual, but usually between 30 – 60 min. The One Energy however, works continuously with you throughout your life. You become a living anchor of the One Energy Field.

The majority of individuals feel an immediate improvement in the energetic blocks that they were experiencing prior to their receiving the One Energy TechniqueTM.

One Energy adheres to your needs and it customizes itself to serve you for your highest good and ascension always.

* Information from this page has been used with permission from One Ascension Internationals Main Website.

Why I offer the One Energy TechniqueTM?

As a Certified One Energy TechniqueTM Practitioner I want to share with you how this technique has greatly impacted my life and why I now offer it to my clients.

I had been at a point in my life where I was searching for more than what I was finding in the books I had been reading. I thought that as humans we were capable of so much more than we had been conditioned to believe we were. I knew we had answers with in us and I wanted to know how to unlock them. Then I reconnected with The beautiful *Shakti Wallace and her work. In 2010 I booked a session and my life has never been the same. It is as if I was living a whole different life with a new perspective on everything. This enabled me to navigate through my life in a whole new way. It has been so life changing that I became certified in this technique in 2016.

*Shakti Wallace – The Founder of One Ascension InternationalTM and Frequency Carrier/Channel for the One Ascension TechniqueTM and Divine One Energy. Read about Shakti and the Shakti SpiralTM here.

One Energy TechniqueTM Components Explained

Each session with me will have a unique but very clear intentions. Below is an explanation of each session and what you can expect.

 Spiritual Assessment / Setting Intention

This 30 min session allows us to discuss your life as it is now, what limiting beliefs and blocks you have present in your life, as well as your intentions for the future.

Are you ready? Because this is unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Get ready to be activated and attuned to the Energy of One!

This extraordinary, life-changing and unique energy system creates breakthroughs in all areas of your life!

One Energy TechniqueTM Session

This 30 – 60 min session is done in person or remotely. Encodings are activated, outdated energy and spiritual programming are cleared and anchoring the One Energy is done in each of your energy centers, in alignment with your intentions for the session.

Results vary for every person as The Divine One Energy works uniquely with each individual.

Here are what some clients have experienced:

• Increased mental clarity

• Clearing and aligning of the chakras

• Removal of soul programs

• Removal of energy blockages (that usually feels like you are

stuck in a rut without a direction)

• Increase in spiritual gifts (intuition, 6 sensory perception, etc.)

• Laser-like focus in direction of life path and purpose

• Activation and Attunement to One Energy (known as Level One-


• Greater Awareness • Deeper Meditation

• Powerful connection with High Self • Deeper Compassion

• Love

• Awakening to Life Purpose

• Letting go of the old stories

• Powerful Healing

• More grace and ease maneuvering through life challenges

Energetic Check up with Question & Answer Session

This 20 – 30 min session is done after your One Energy TechniqueTM session to give you time to acclimate from your session and time to integrate with the One Energy.

We will get together to discuss any questions or what may be coming up for you. Coaching and assessment are done at this time. This is given for any additional support you may need.

One Energy Technique BoostTM

Done after OneEnergy TechniqueTM session (time between the One Energy TechniqueTM and “Boost” is to be determined by both myself and you the client – to make sure everything is going smoothly). Exclusively for those who have received the One Energy TechniqueTM.

Warp speed ahead!!!

This process assists One Energy TechniqueTM clients with removing blocks at an accelerated pace. Clients who have had this process see almost immediate results and say it feels like they have had an energetic “Boost!!”.

* Information for this page has been used with permission from the One Ascension International Main Website.

What Happens during a One Energy TechniqueTM Session?

During our time together for the initial assessment we will discuss your needs at this time, the ascension process and what you can expect.

For those who will be receiving the OATTM remotely:

When it comes time for your One Energy TechniqueTM remote session you may sit in meditation, lay down, or take a short nap. Whatever you are guided to do. Please keep your arms and legs uncrossed to ensure a smooth flow of energy.

After your session, it is recommended that you take it easy for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water and rest when you feel guided to. Avoid crowds or alcohol as they may overwhelm and tax your nervous system.

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*The One Ascension TechniqueTM/OATTM are exclusive to One Ascension InternationalTM 

One Energy TechniqueTM  Services

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One Energy TechniqueTM $275

Includes 30 Minute Consultation/Assesment

OETTM  Boost  $150

One Boost and 30 minute Spiritual Assesment.

OET Package 1  $550

Includes OETTM and 2 Boost( one 4-6 weeks from OETTM), Includes Assessments. 

 3 Boost Bundle $415

For those who have already had the OET.

Purchase a Boost Bundle. Includes Spiritual Assessment with each Boost. 2 follow up Assessment.

OET Package 2


Includes OETTM and 6 Boosts. ( one 4-6 weeks from OETTM)Includes Assessments.

6 Boost Bundle $775

For those who have already had the OET.

Purchase a Boost Bundle. Includes Spiritual Assessment with each Boost and 4 follow ups Assessments.

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