Celena Marie Spolarich, CCH

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"I found my crystal healing session with Celena very helpful. Celena is a quiet, calming presence as her voice soothes you through the guided meditation. Each session is a much-needed reminder to slow down and relax. I was amazed by the insight that Celena showed during the healing, and the physical and spiritual results of the healing.

I had not realized the immediate physical benefits I would receive from Crystal Healing. During my first session, while lying on my back, my nose began to get stuffy. When Celena got up to the chakra between my eyes, I could feel the congestion loosening. By the end of that session, my nose was completely clear.

During our second healing session, Celena told me that the chakras in my lower torso area were out of balance, which wasn't a surprise to me, as I had over exerted myself a couple of days before. What did surprise me was how much better I felt and moved after my session, even though lying on my back would usually increase my pain and stiffness.

Celena truly is a Healer. Her touch, her voice, her very presence makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. I hope to enjoy many more Crystal Healing sessions with Celena in the future." - Barbara Lynes

"My session with Celena was my first ever crystal work experience. She is knowledgable of her craft and provided a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, allowing for a relaxing session" - Leah Arvidson