The Sacred Art Of You

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Sacred Art of You Energy Healing

The Sacred Art Of You Energy Modality is something that became its own from the evolution of my work as a Crystal Healer. I started my journey as Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer in September of 2014. Through my work with my clients I began to see what I was doing evolve. The tools I started out with as well as the crystals, have mostly changed and continue to. 

This evolution began to escalate in 2016 after I became a Certified One Energy TechniqueTM Practitioner. This attunement opened up a whole new level of energy work for me. With every monthly boost I received as a practitioner, I also received messages and gifts that at the time I would not understand until I saw them all come together. I was incorporating these new gifts into my Crystal Healing sessions and continue to receive more.  Recently I was guided to use these gifts as a stand alone modality, something that would come from me through my beautiful guides and teachers, along  with gifts and tools from the ethereal, or other dimensions.

This work that cam through has enabled me to look at energy work in a whole new manner with a whole new understanding of how we can create and manipulate energy.

This enabled me to incorporate things I learned into the Sacred Art Of You One on One course set. In these classes we will forge through with new ideas that may nt have been explored in other energy work classes.

The Sacred Art Of You Course is a workhorse program, meaning you have to do the work to see the results. You have to put into practice what I am teaching you to reap the benefits and higher understanding of the subtle energies around us and the false barriers we put up between worlds. 

During the Sacred Art of You Class, this is what we do together. We shift your perspective and help you to remove old conditionings that are continuing,  or can continue to hold you in old patterns and cycles. This program is designed to help you step forth in your true illumination and power. Knowing that all has been within you this whole time.

 Our goal at the completion of this course is for you to see things clearer and from another perspective. You will be ready to to take on anything, knowing you will now be equipped with the proper tools.